Play Doh Mega Fun Factory

Play-Doh has been a best selling toy for a long time. The new in 2010 Play Doh Mega Fun Factory will provide lots of fun and creative play time for kids.

Play Doh Mega Fun Factory The name of this product says it all! Mega Fun! Load your PLAY-DOH in one end and turn on your conveyor belt to stamp out pretend toys or food from one of the two gear molds. Keep your conveyor belt running and you can stamp out tons and tons of fun creations! (15+molds included)

Play-Doh is one of the best toys to encourage imaginative play and bring out the creative in kids. There have been several people who have said that the play-doh that this product comes with comes in very tiny containers. So you may want to buy some additional Play-Doh to go along with this toy. This is great toy for kids 3 year old and up.

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