Taggies Big Soft Blocks Baby Toy

Babies love stacking soft blocks and playing with little tags. Those two facts make Taggies Big Soft Blocks one of the best toys for babies.

Taggies Big Soft Blocks Babies love to play with little tags. I’ve noticed that sometimes a baby is more interested in the tag on a stuffed animal than the actual toy. Enter Taggies to the rescue! One of the best toys for babies who love tags are the Taggies Big Soft Blocks.

If this is your first TAGGIES product purchase, you and your baby won’t be disappointed. My 9 month old son loves to grab at tags, strings or anything with interesting textures. These blocks are great and each block has lots of tags, texture, and sound.

It also includes links to make attaching the toys to a stroller, high chair or car seat easy. Great for building gross motor skills by stacking the plush,soft blocks or help teach your baby the sounds each animal creatively designed on each block makes. Babies or Toddlers will have loads of fun with this toy.

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