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Compassion International


Every Christmas Season since starting this toy review website in 2008, we like to take a brief break from talking about the best toys for kids and instead direct attention to a worthy charity. Last year we wrote about Compassion International. Compassion is an organization that allows you to commit to monthly giving to support…

Playmobil Apple Store Play Set – April Fools Day Joke

PlayMobil Apple Store Fake Toy

In celebration of April Fools day, there is a new toy from Playmobil. Check out the new Apple Store Play Set! Purchase the optional “long line of people waiting outside the store” to really complete the experience. Check out this hilarious video!

Win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon During Cyber Week 2010

Win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon

We are running a Contest this week and will be giving away a $50 Gift Card to Amazon to one lucky winner. Who couldn’t use an extra $50 gift card during the Holidays?

Charity: Compassion International

Give to Kids in Need Through Compassion International

Every year since we started this website in 2008, I like to take a day during the Holiday Shopping Season to highlight a worthy charity. During this season of shopping and giving, I think it’s important to remember that there are people in the world who cannot afford the life style that many of us lead. Today I want to encourage you to learn about Compassion International.

Thanksgiving Rubber Duckies

Thanksgiving Rubber Ducky 150

Set of 12 cute Rubber Ducks dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians add to the Thanksgiving Holiday fun.

Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith

Voice Changer Toy

If you have kids, then you know that kids love to hear themselves talk. The only thing more fun to kids than hearing their own voice is to hear their own voice through a microphone with fun voice effects!