Mini Golf Course Toy by Step2

Mini Golf Course Toy Step2Check out this great toy Par 3 Mini Golf Course. So cute and so fun! It’s made by Step2 which is well known for their high quality plastic outdoor toys and playsets, so you know this is good quality. Suggested for kids age 2 years old and up, this toy can be setup indoors or outside in grass or concrete. Kids can arrange the pieces a few different ways so that they can create different patterns and obstacles. Comes with 2 putters and 2 golf balls.

Kids love to play with toys that imitate the activities they see parents and adults do. This is a great gift for the little guy or gal who wants to be golfer, “just like Dad”.

Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table and Umbrella

Kids Picnic Table by Step2We bought this kids picnic table and umbrella last summer and the kids have LOVED it! When the days are warm, the kids love the special treat to get to eat their lunch or dinner outside on “their table”. Sometimes we will all eat outside as a family with grown-ups at a normal table and the kids at their table – Other days we will let the kids eat outside while mom and dad enjoy a quiet dinner inside – that’s a win/win 😉

The table is very sturdy and was pretty easy to assemble in a matter of minutes. There’s not much to put together, just a few screws and it’s done.

The manufacturer suggested age is for kids 36 months up to 8 years old. Our kids even younger than that enjoy it too. As long as they are old enough to sit in a chair without being strapped into a high chair, then this picnic bench will work great.

Not just for eating, this table is also handy for “messy crafts” that you may hesitate to do indoors. When it’s warm, our kids will take their markers outside and color too.

Removing the umbrella, the table can also be brought inside for use as a kids dining table during those big family gatherings when the dining room is full with adults and extended family. We did this for Thanksgiving and the kids loved it!

Overall, this gets 2 thumbs up from me!