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Mini Golf Course Toy by Step2

Mini Golf Course Toy Step2 150b

Check out this great toy Par 3 Mini Golf Course. So cute and so fun! It’s made by Step2 which is well known for their high quality plastic outdoor toys and playsets, so you know this is good quality. Suggested for kids age 2 years old and up, this toy can be setup indoors or…

YBIKE Balance Bike


Have you tried a “balance bike” for your toddler or pre-school age child? If you haven’t seen these before, a balance bike is a bike that has no pedals and is designed for young kids. The idea is that you child can get an early start learning the balance skills that are needed to help…

Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table and Umbrella

Kids Picnic Table by Step2

We bought this kids picnic table and umbrella last summer and the kids have LOVED it! When the days are warm, the kids love the special treat to get to eat their lunch or dinner outside on “their table”. Sometimes we will all eat outside as a family with grown-ups at a normal table and…

Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter Toy

I would never have bought this toy, I received it as a gift last Christmas and surprisingly, it’s a really fun kids toy. The box reads, “charge, toss and take aim at the Indoor/Outdoor Duck Hunting game”. I was only brave enough to try this outside, but if you have really high ceilings in a…

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

A great toy for kids 12 year old and up is the Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter. Kids will enjoy the freedom that this fun and safe electric scooter can bring.

Best Water Play Table

The Step 2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table is a great water play table for kids 12 months old up to 5+ years old. Kids love to play and learn through exploring and experimenting. This simple, water play table is sturdy, safe, and budget friendly. The play table includes an elevated waterwheel, 2 boats, and a…