Nerf Laser Tag System 2 Pack 2009

The new 2009 Lazertag System 2 Pack is a fun action game for kids age 8 year old and up. This set comes with 2 Phoenix LTX taggers (guns) for competitive fun. If you have a friend with the same set, then groups of more than 2 people can play and that’s when this game can become even more fun.

The taggers will light up and have several sound effects to create an interactive experience. There is a rumble pack that vibrates when you’ve been hit and a recoil effect that sounds with each shot fired. There is also a “shield” feature that can keep you from being hit while on the move. You may want to stock up on batteries, this 2 pack will need 12 AA batteries to get the game started.

This is the newly updated version of laser tag for 2009. The game can be played inside or outside!

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