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Toddlers and Computer Toys


I just read an article in the USA today that asks the question, “Do toddlers really need computers to learn“? The article makes the case that young kids have too much “screen time” and not enough outdoors time. That may be true as a trend in the US, but to me, that’s really a parenting…

Best Learning Toys: iXL vs Leapfrog Explorer

Fisher Price iXL compared to the Leapfrog Explorer Learning System

I’ve been comparing the Fisher Price iXL vs. Leapfrog Explorer and trying to decide which is the best learning toy for my kids? So I bought one of each for the kids this Christmas and spent some time this week setting up each device and installing games so that on Christmas day the kids can open the gift and start playing right away.

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is a high tech “spy toy” that is an all in one high tech spy gadget.

PopOut! Peter Rabbit Book for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch


The Story of Peter Rabbit first appeared more than 100 years ago in 1902. For more than a century, kids have loved this book and story. Now the book has been re-imagined as a brilliant app for iPad, iPhone (3GS and newer) and iPod Touch (3rd Generation and newer). The book comes to life with…

Nerf Laser Tag System 2 Pack 2009

The new 2009 Lazertag System 2 Pack is a fun action game for kids age 8 year old and up. This set comes with 2 Phoenix LTX taggers (guns) for competitive fun. If you have a friend with the same set, then groups of more than 2 people can play and that’s when this game…

Ucreate Games and Animation by Mattel

The New Ucreate Games and Artimation by Mattel is one of the most popular toys this year for kids age 7 year old to around 13 years old. This unique and creative new game allows kids to take a simple drawing and then animate it. Kids can build and customize unique games with a combination…