YBIKE Balance Bike

YBike Balance BikeHave you tried a “balance bike” for your toddler or pre-school age child? If you haven’t seen these before, a balance bike is a bike that has no pedals and is designed for young kids. The idea is that you child can get an early start learning the balance skills that are needed to help kids learn to ride a bike.

The trend started a couple years ago and the YBike has emerged as one of the best and most popular among the balance bikes. It rates extremely highly on Amazon by customers.

Of course kids think it’s great fun to scoot around on the balance bike! It has large wheels that make it easy and safe to ride on pavement or grass.

Some parents have observed that after riding a balance bike for a few months, their kids seemed to do better when transitioning to their first “big kid” bike with training wheels. The YBike is designed for kids from 18 months up to around 3 and a half years old.