B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

B One Two Squeeze BlocksThis is a great set of toy blocks for baby or toddlers. These blocks are soft enough to squeeze and squeak while sturdy enough to stack. The 10 colorful blocks have cute pictures of animals and numbers on each block. BPA free and safe for baby to chew on when teething.

Blocks are great for early imaginative play and these serve as a simple early educational toy as well with colors and numbers 1 through 10.

Little People Christmas Story Nativity Playset

Little People Nativity SetWe bought the Little People Christmas Story Nativity Playset this year to add to our Christmas decorations. We were surprised to see that our 1 year old played with this set for almost an hour the first day that we set it up!

We had really purchase the set as a “child safe” nativity set that our young kids couldn’t break — we didn’t really consider it to be a play toy — but that is exactly what it has turned out to be.

Just like all the Fisher-Price “Little People” toys, it’s high quality and safe for toddlers and young kids. The star above the manger lights up and plays the song, “Away in a Manger”. This set is a cute and fun way to teach your young children about the story of Christmas.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Pound A Peg

Melissa and Doug Pound a PegThe Melissa & Doug Wooden Pound-a-Peg toy is a great classic toy. This hammer toy with pounding bench is perfect for toddlers. It’s low tech and high in fun for young kids. Simply hammer the pegs and when all have been hammered down, flip it over and starting hammering all over again. This toy is great for developing eye hand coordination and some basic motor skills

Our boys have spent more time playing with this toy than our girl, but she still loves to hammer also. Right now, our 1 year old boy is in love with this toy and just hammers all the time. You can’t go wrong with this classic toy for toddlers.

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie SetPretty much any toy by Melissa and Doug is awesome and their Slice and Bake Cookie Set is no exception. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve “eaten” these cookies served up by my kids. We’ve had our set for a couple years and they don’t look any worse for the wear.

Girl Baking CookiesThe kids love to bake and serve these cookies. They are made of wood and all the cookie “dough” sticks together with velcro and allows kids to “slice” the cookies with the included wooden knife. Then the dough is place on the cookie sheet, again, sticking with velcro. After “baking”, kids can add frosting which again, sticks on with velcro.

This toy is suggested for kids age 3 year old up to around 9 year old. Our kids enjoyed this toy from around age 2 year old and up. This cookie set makes a nice addition to our play kitchen. Who doesn’t love cookies?

YBIKE Balance Bike

YBike Balance BikeHave you tried a “balance bike” for your toddler or pre-school age child? If you haven’t seen these before, a balance bike is a bike that has no pedals and is designed for young kids. The idea is that you child can get an early start learning the balance skills that are needed to help kids learn to ride a bike.

The trend started a couple years ago and the YBike has emerged as one of the best and most popular among the balance bikes. It rates extremely highly on Amazon by customers.

Of course kids think it’s great fun to scoot around on the balance bike! It has large wheels that make it easy and safe to ride on pavement or grass.

Some parents have observed that after riding a balance bike for a few months, their kids seemed to do better when transitioning to their first “big kid” bike with training wheels. The YBike is designed for kids from 18 months up to around 3 and a half years old.

Power Wheels Disney Toy Story 3 Lil Quad Ride On Toy

Power Wheels Disney Toy Story 3 Lil Quad The Power Wheels Disney Toy Story 3 Lil’ Quad Ride On Toy by Fisher Price is one of the Best Ride On Toys for Toddlers age 12 to 36 months old.

This battery operated “ATV for Toddlers” is fun and easy to ride. With a top speed of 2 mph, it’s fast enough to be exciting for young children, but not too fast. This toy is designed for outdoor use on a level and hard surface, but could also be a great indoor toy in any large open area or basement.

If your child loves Buzz and Toy Story, then this is a great first powered ride on toy for toddlers.

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