Elmo Tickle Hands Toy by Fisher Price

New for 2009 are the Elmo Tickle Hands by Fisher Price. Designed for kids age 18 months old up to around 6 years old, these big Elmo hands bring giggling fun to toddlers. The Tickle Hands are sized so that young kids can wear them on their hands and when they touch something, Elmo’s hands will vibrate and you hear the sound of Elmo giggling and laughing. The Elmo Tickle Hands include a DVD that teaches kids a fun new dance.

This 15 second video is the commercial by Fisher Price and shows kids playing with the Elmo Tickle Hands.


Fisher-Price Elmo Live

The new Fisher-Price Elmo Live is sure to be on the top of the holiday shopping list for boys and girls 18 months up to around 7 years old. Building on the popularity of the famous “tickle me Elmo” from a few years ago, this new Elmo live is much more interactive. He talks and moves his arms in life like ways. If he falls down, he will nicely asks for help. Amazon customers are rating Elmo live with 4 out of 5 stars. The only negative comment is that his speaking voice can be difficult to understand. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.