Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is a high tech “spy toy” that is an all in one high tech spy gadget.

Spy Net Secret Mission Video WatchThe Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is a high tech “spy toy” that is an all in one high tech spy gadget.

Here are some of the top features:
-take photos
-record video/audio
-built in Lie Detector
-built in voice changer
-option to connect to computer and download missions
-full color screen

Girls and Boys age 8 year old and up will enjoy this watch as one of the best toys for hi-tech spy work!

LEGO Star Wars Anakin Fighter Toy

The LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Fighter set is one of the best selling Star Wars Lego sets available for kids 7 years old and up.

Includes over 150 pieces, kids will enjoy the process of building this Jedi Starfighter that is over 10 inches long! Includes R2-D2 and Anakin Skywalker figures.

Ucreate Games and Animation by Mattel

The New Ucreate Games and Artimation by Mattel is one of the most popular toys this year for kids age 7 year old to around 13 years old.

This unique and creative new game allows kids to take a simple drawing and then animate it. Kids can build and customize unique games with a combination of hand drawings, and a library of: drawing templates, photos, sound effects and other game components. This games requires that you connect it to a computer with an internet connection.

Aside from a computer and internet connection, everything else you need is included. The kit includes a drawing table, folding camera software, dry erase drawing supplies and a game template booklet.

Read more customer reviews and check it out for yourself!

Spy Video ATV 360 RC Vehicle

The Spy Video ATV-360 Remote Control Vehicle is a very popular toy for the 2009 holiday shopping season. Designed for kids age 7 year old and up, this remote control vehicle is designed to drive in all terrain with a real time video and listening display. The video and audio from the vehicle is transmitted wirelessly back to an LCD viewing screen headset and ear bud for watching and listening to the action.

Here is the TV commercial for the Spy Video ATV-360.


Crayola Crayon Maker

The new Crayola Crayon Maker is “melting” its way to the top of the best seller lists for the 2009 holiday season. This new toy from Crayola allows kids age 8 years old and up to melt and create their own unique swirl colored mini crayons.

This toy will require adult supervision and a little patience to create the crayons, but for kids who love crafts and experimenting, this could be a winner.