Twister Game

Twister game A fun classic game for kids is Twister. This game for kids or adults 6 years old and up is a classic that has been around for more than 40 years.

The game is simple, there is a floor mat with and a spinner. Each player takes turns spinning to find out which color dot on the floor they need to touch with their hand or foot. With 2 to 4 players, you quickly end up tied up in knots!

Dr Seuss Game: I Can Do That!

Cat in the Hat - I Can Do That! The Cat in the Hat – I Can Do That! is a great game for kids age 4 to 8 years old. In the game, each player takes turns achieving tasks in the style of “Dr. Seuss”. This is designed to be a fun game that helps kids to build confidence with the “I can do that!” attitude.

This creative game has won several awards and gets kids up and moving around!

Qwirkle Board Game

The board game Qwirkle is not new this year, in fact it has been around for a couple years, but it is currently one of the best selling games for the 2009 holiday season. So if you don’t already own this game, you may want to give it a look.

Qwirkle was a Mensa Best Mind Game Award winner in 2007. Designed for 2-4 players age 6 years old and up, the average game is around 45 minutes. Game play is similar to the strategy of Scrabble and the visual element of dominoes as you create columns and rows of matching colors and shapes.

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New Connect 4 x 4 Game

One of the top new games in 2009 is a new variation on the Classic Connect 4 Game. The new Connect 4 x 4 Game provides new life to the classic game. This new game is for 2 to 4 players and adds more complexity and more chances to win with a new double sided grid. Perfect for families to play together with kids age 8 years old and up.

Here is a video of the 30 second commercial so that you can see it in action.


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Mickey Mouse Tag Game Wild Planet

Disney has put a new twist on the classic game of “tag” this year with the new Wild Planet Micky’s Mouse-ke-TAG.  This game is perfects for kids age 3 year old up through about 10 years old.  It is quickly becoming one of the best toys of the holiday season.  One to six players can play and get some physical exercise while learning colors, letters, character names and more.  Perfect to play inside or out.  Check it out!