Rocksmith Video Game

Rocksmith Video GameOk this is just down right cool. If you played and loved any of the video game versions of Guitar Hero or Rock Band over the past few years, then get ready to be blown away. The new Rocksmith game allows you to play using ANY REAL GUITAR. The game is for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It includes a 1/4 inch to USB cable with the game so that you can plug your guitar directly into the game console.

This game has the fun factor of a video game, but it does really teach you how to play guitar — on a REAL guitar. In addition to the 50 songs that you can learn and play along with, there are also “mini-games” within the game that help to re-enforce guitar player skills such as scales, harmonics, etc.

This game is great for beginners who have never played guitar before all the way up to advanced players. No one is promising that you will become a all star guitar player over night here, but if you want to learn and improve your skills, this is sure a fun way to go about it.

Check out this video which is the video games official launch video.

Fisher Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano

Fisher Price Precious Planet Kick and Play PianoThe Fisher Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano is a great toy for babies. This can be attached to the side of a crib for baby to kick or you can let baby play with this toy on the floor.

There’s two modes for parents to choose from: Long play which plays a series of songs and sounds or the other version plays a note with each kick or tap of the toy (more like the way the keys on a piano play a note each time it is touched). Either way, the combination of music and lights is enough to entertain baby.

This toy is great for babies that are a couple months old and up.

Fisher Price Classic Xylophone Toy

You can’t ever go wrong with the classics.

Today we look at one of the best classic toys, the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone.  This musical toy will bring back nostalgic memories for many of us while providing fresh entertainment for the children in our lives.  This toy is designed for kids 12 months up to around 5 years old.

The mallet is connected with a short string so that it won’t get lost.

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LeapFrog Learn & Groove Piano Toy

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Piano The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Piano is a great musical toy from LeapFrog. Designed for babies and toddlers from 6 months old up to around 3 years old. This is part of the popular Learn & Groove line of toys by LeapFrog.

This toy introduces colors and shapes in both English and Spanish. The music, lights, and peek a boo mirror are sure to keep your baby engaged.

Ucreate Music Mixing System by Mattel

The new Ucreate Music Game by Mattel is one of the top new toys in 2009 for kids age 8 year old and up who love music. This is a music mixing device that allows kids and teens to create their own music mix. They can even plug in any MP3 device (such as an iPod or other music player) to mix in any of their own music that they love.

This video is a 30 second commercial from Mattel that demonstrates the Ucreate Music System.


DJ Hero Video Game

The new DJ Hero Video Game is now available and is a very popular game already.  This game is similar to Guitar Hero (created by the same company) and allows you to use a turntable/mixer controller to scratch and mix your way to the top.  DJ Hero is also compatible with the Guitar Hero Controller, so in multi-player mode, you can compete with your friends as DJ vs. DJ or DJ and Guitar.  There are more than 100 songs from a variety of music styles including Pop, grunge, R&B;, Soul, techno and hip hop.

The game is available on Nintendo Wii,PlayStation 3and Xbox 360.

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