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Rocksmith Video Game

Rocksmith video game

Ok this is just down right cool. If you played and loved any of the video game versions of Guitar Hero or Rock Band over the past few years, then get ready to be blown away. The new Rocksmith game allows you to play using ANY REAL GUITAR. The game is for Xbox 360 and…

Wii Party Video Game

Wii Party Video Game for Nintendo

Wii Party is a very popular video game for the Nintendo Wii. It’s multi player fun for the whole family. Try Wii Party for a whole new kind of family “game night”.

Xbox Kinect Games Available at Launch


The New Xbox 360 Kinect is now available. Check out the best games for Kinect available at the time of launch.

Just Dance 2 Video Game for Wii

Just Dance 2

The new Just Dance 2 Video Game for Wii was released in October 2010. This is the follow up to the popular “Just Dance” game which was released last year. What makes this game unique compared to other dance games is that this game teaches real dance moves. Some of the other “dance” type games…

Winter Olympics 2010 Best Video Games

It’s time for the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. If you want to really feel like you are participating in the games but don’t happen to live near snow or simply don’t want to have to leave the comfort of you couch, then perhaps a Winter Olympic themed video game is the perfect choice…

Best Video Games Kids & Family

These are the best video games for kids and family oriented gaming for the 2009 holiday shopping season. Some of these games are dedicated to only one gaming console, but several of these top games are available on many video game systems such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3and Xbox 360. Click on a game below…